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Lars van den Hoek, with researchers Isaac Casanovas and Marc Furió, during his visit to ICP. The ICP was pleased to receive the visit of Lars van den Hoek Ostende, a Dutch researcher and one of the expert voices on fossil insectivores in Europe. The reason for his visit was…
Skull of the Montseny Labyrinthodont, dorsal & ventral view. Josep Fortuny. ICP Josep Fortuny leads a research published in the journal ‘Acta Palaeontologica Polonica’ describing a new genus and species of capitosaur. These fossils are the oldest remains of aamphibian in Catalonia. The research also proposes a new phylogeny for…
Buffalo. Foto-gratis.es The article "New equations for body mass estimations in bovids: Some Testing Procedures When Constructing regression fuctions" published in the journal Mammalian Biology by ICP researchers Soledad De Esteban Trivigno and Meike Köhler presents a new mathematical formula to determine the body mass of living and extinct bovids,…
Uropsilus soricipes, desmanella current family. Courtesy of Samuel Turvey. Institute of Zoology Researchers from the ICP in collaboration with researchers from Andalusia have published the discovery of fossils of the genus Desmanella in Granada, the southernmost record in Eurasia of this kind of moles. The results of this study show…
Ratite egg in Valle Grande. Marco Antonio Sanchez-ICP ICP investigator Antonio Sanchez Marco and his team, funded by the Cabildo de Lanzarote and using the ICP, have completed excavations in search of an answer to the existence of giant birds on the island of Lanzarote. The research was presented today…

Islands and Elephants

06 Oct 2011
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Maria Rita Palombo at the institut. ICP The ICP was pleased to receive the visit of Maria Rita Palombo, a researcher at the Centro di Studio per il e l'Evoluzione Ambientalequaternary of di La Sapienza University in Rome and professor at the same institution. During the week she spent at…
Cover of the book. IUPress / ICP Indiana University Press in association with ICP has just published "Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia", a colorful introduction to the history and study of dinosaurs and an eye-opening survey of dinosaur discoveries in Spain. The book is a new publication of the series “Life…


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