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Bernat Vila i Ginestí was born on 25 August 1980 in Sabadell, Catalonia, has a degree in Geology at the University of Barcelona (2003) and a PhD of Sciences by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010.) Since 1995 he has collaborated in the research of the Institut Català de Paleontologia. From early 2003 until late 2008 he worked at Consorci Ruta Minera (Berguedà Barcelona) conducting paleontological research before continuing his studies as a student researcher at the Institut Català de Paleontologia. In September 2007 he graduated at the Masters in paleontology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Since 2009 he is a member of the Research Group of the Mesozoic, recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

His main research interest is the study of Mesozoic continental vertebrates with special interest in taxonomy, systematics and paleobiology of the sauropod dinosaurs. He has worked in the  study and modeling of dinosaur eggs and clutches, in biostratigraphy with eggshells, in classical ichnology,  in 3D analysis of dinosaur tracks, and the continental faunas of the end of the Cretaceous (chronostratigraphy and paleoecology). His PhD thesis, entitled “Los saurópodos del Cretácico superior del Sur de Europa: diversidad, icnología y biología reproductiva” was directed by Dr. Angel Galobart Lorente (Institut Català de Paleontologia) and Dr. Oriol Oms Llobet (UAB).

As a researcher Bernat Vila has published much of his research in international journals listed in the Science Citation Index, including PLoS One, Paleobiology; Lethaia, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Palaeontology, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Cretaceous Research; Journal of Geological Society of London, and Ameghiniana.

He regularly attends international conferences, workshops and symposiums. He has been coordinator and / or collaborator in the organization of international symposia (International Symposium on Dinosaurs and other Vertebrate palaeoichnology; III Meeting of Young Researchers in Paleontology; 10th Symposium Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems) and since 1997 has participated in a dozen of research and scientific dissemination projects. Bernat Vila currently has collaborations with researchers from the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool (England), the Montana State University (USA), the National Museum of Natural History in Lisbon (Portugal), the Muséedes Dinosaures d’Espéraza and the Museum of Natural History of Aix-en-Provence (France), and Grupo Aragosaurus (Spain), among others.

He has co-authored and / or edited several books and proceedings including "The Dinosaurs of the Pyrenees" (Zenobita Editions, 2005) and "Dinosaurios del Levante Peninsular (1st and 2nd edition, Institut Català de Paleontologia, 2008)," Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia "(Indiana University Press, 2011), Proceedings of the Third Meeting of Young Researchers in Paleontology (Zenobita Editions, 2005) and" Dinosaurs terriblemente large (EDC Omacha Fundación Natura, 2009). Since 2005 he has given over 20 lectures  and talks on paleontology, collaborated in scientific journals and has acted as scientific advisor of books and booklets. In 2009 he acted as advisor and participated in the filming of the science documentary series "Jurassic CSI" for National Geographic Channel.

Bernat Vila is a researcher with experience in field work. Since 1997  he has participated and / or managed in more than 30 locations in the Pleistocene paleontological excavations (Incarcal, Girona), Miocene (Can Canals, Dipòsit controlat de Can Mata, Costa del Bessó, Barcelona) , Oligocene (La Roca de la Rella, Barcelona), Upper Cretaceous (Basturs Poble, Serrat Corb, Orcau-2, Els Nerets, Pinyes, Pont d’Orrit, and L’Espinau in Lleida; Fumanya, Torrent de l’Esdavella, Peguera-1, and Font del Bullidor, Cingles del Boixader in Barcelona), Lower Cretaceous (Ana, Castellón) and Late Jurassic (Baldovar and Los Ganchos in Valencia), as well as several mapping works and paleontological prospects.



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Articles de divulgació

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  • Revista de Divulgació Científica “UAB Divulga”. Iberian Dinosaur Track Project. Escanejat de petjades de dinosaures en 3D. Maig de 2009.
  • Reportatge a National Geographic (versió portuguesa). Iberian Dinosaur Track Project. [PDF]


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