Science Citation Index (SCI) 2017

867 times

Bartolini Lucenti, S., Alba, D.M., Rook, L., Moyà-Solà, S. & Madurell-Malapeira, J. (2017). Latest Early Pleistocene wolf-like canids from the Iberian Peninsula. Quaternary Science Reviews 162: 12-25.

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Crespo, V.D.,  Furió, M., Ruiz-Sánchez, F.-J. &  Montoya, P. (2017).  A new species of Plesiodimylus (Dimylidae, Eulipotyphla, Mammalia) from the Early Miocene of Spain. Historical Biology.

Cubo, J., Köhler, M. & de Buffrénil, V. (In press). Bone histology of Iberosuchus macrodon (Sebecosuchia, Crocodylomorpha). Lethaia DOI: 10.1111/let.12203.

Díaz Aráez, J.L., Delfino, M., Luján, À.H., Fortuny, J., Bernardini, F. &  Alba, D.M. (2017). New remains of Diplocynodon (Crocodylia: Diplocynodontidae) from the early Miocene of the Iberian Peninsula. Comptes Rendus Palevo16: 12-26. 

Fortuny, J., Marcè-Nogué, J. & Konietzko-Meier, Dorota. (In press). Feeding biomechanics of Late Triassic metoposaurids (Amphibia: Temnospondyli): a 3D finite element analysis approach. Journal of Anatomy

Furió, M. (2017): The shrew pleads ‘not guilty’ to the mole’s murder: comment on Bennàsar et al. (2015). Historical Biology 29(2): 230-233. 

Madurell-Malapeira, J., Alba, D.M., Espigares, M.P., Vinuesa, V., Palmqvist, P., Martínez-Navarro, M. & Moyà-Solà. S. (In press). Were large carnivorans and great climatic shifts limiting factors for hominin dispersals? Evidence of the activity of Pachycrocuta brevirostris during the Mid-Pleistocene Revolution in the Vallparadís Section (Vallès-Penedès Basin, Iberian Peninsula). Quaternary International.

Minwer-Barakat, R., Marigó, J., Femenias-Gual, J., Costeur, L., De Esteban-Trivigno, S. & Moyà-Solà, S. (2017). Microchoerus hookeri nov. sp.,a new late Eocene European microchoerine (Omomyidae, Primates): New insights on the evolution of the genus Microchoerus. Journal of Human Evolution 102: 42-66. 

Mujal, E., Iglesias, G., Oms, O., Fortuny, J., Bolet, A. & Méndez, J.M. (Accepted). Rhynchosauroides footprint variability in a Muschelkalk detrital interval (late Anisian-middle Ladinian) from the Catalan Basin (NE Iberian Peninsula). Ichnos.

Piñero, P., Agustí, J., Furió, M. & Laplana, C. (published online). Rodents and insectivores from the late Miocene of Romerales (Fortuna Basin, Southern Spain). Historical Biology DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2017.1282476.

Ruiz-Ramoni, D., Rincón, A.D., Solórzano, A. & Moyà-Solà, S. (Accepted). The first fossil Platyrrhini (Primates: Anthropoidea) from Venezuela: a capuchin monkey from the Plio-Pleistocene of El Breal de Orocual. Journal of Human Evolution. 

Vila, B., Sellés, A.G. & Beetschen, J-C. (2017). The controversial Les Labadous eggshells: A new and peculiar dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) ootype from the Upper Cretaceous of Europe. Cretaceous Research 72: 117-123. 

Villa, A., Tshopp, E.D., Georgalis, G.L. & Delfino, M. (2017). Osteology, fossil record and palaeodiversity of the European lizards. Amphibia-Reptilia 38: 79-88. 


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