An international team of paleontologists led by Novella Razzolini, researcher at the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP), describes the new 150-million-years-old type of carnivorous dinosaur footprint Megalosauripus transjuranicus. Scientists studied more than 300 tridactyl trackways in Switzerland before the site was partially destroyed by the construction of a highway. The research has been published in PLOS ONE. In another recent article, the same team of researchers describes one of the world's largest carnivorous dinosaur footprints that belonged to an animal of a similar size of Tyrannosaurus rex.

One of the tracks analyzed in this research (Novella Razzolini / ICP)

The analysis of a dinosaur trackway from the Barranco de la Canal (La Rioja) site reveals an injury in the left foot of an ornithopod dinosaur. The animal performed an abnormal gait probably due to the pain caused by the pathology. The investigation was led by researchers at the ‘Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont’ (ICP) and published in the journal Cretaceous Research.


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