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Teresa Calderón

Evolutionary Paleobiology

During my undergraduate studies in Biology in the University of Salamanca (Spain) I decided to start my research trajectory focused on ecology and biodiversity conservation. During those days, I had the opportunity to communicate new records of Mediterranean tree frog (Hyla meridionalis) outside its known range; records that I directly found in the companion of colleagues and which we published in my first research paper (Balmori et al. 2015). My final research project was focused on Cambrian explosion and its evolutionary repercussions. After my graduation, I enrolled the master of biodiversity in the University of Barcelona (Spain) during which I performed a research project on metapopulation dynamics of invasive alien species (American mink as study system) for my master thesis. This work will be submitted for its publication in scientific indexed journals (Calderón et al. in prep.). Nowadays, I am working in a doctoral project in the Institut Català de Paleontologia (Autonomous University of Barcelona). The thesis is focused on the evolution of mammal life history in Miocene Iberian ecosystems.





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