Neogene and Quaternary Faunas Research Group

13 Feb 2015
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The goal of this department is to study the interrelationship between paleobiodiversity dynamics and climatic factors in the past in order to predict the future and viability of extant terrestrial ecosystems in the light of the current climatic change.

The research group of Neogene and Quaternary Faunas of the ICP focuses on fossil vertebrates from the last 23 million years of Earth history, which are divided into two periods, the Neogene (23-2.6 Ma) and the Quaternary (2.6-0.0 Ma). The main goal of the this group is organic evolution, not only from the viewpoint of the history of life (important in itself), but also from the perspective of how palaeontology—and its privileged access to deep time—can contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms and interactions that drive the course of evolution.

Head of department Dr. David M. Alba (ICP Director)

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