Non SCI International journals 2008

Alba DM, Moyà-Solà S (2008) Comment les primates se sont mis debout. Dossiers de La Recherche 32:13-15

Klinger HC, Malchus N (2008) The first record of  Agerostrea ungulata ( von Schlotheim, 1813) (Bivalvia: Ostreoidea) from the Upper Maastrichtian of KwaZulu, South Africa, with a discussion of its distribution in southeast Africa and Madagascar. African Natural History 4:11-16

Köhler M, Moyà-Solà S, De Esteban-Trivigno S (2008) Morphological variables and associated individual body weight for bovids. New equations for body mass predictions. Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut 105:103-136

Le Loeuff J, Vila B, Galobart À, Oms O, Marmi J (2008) An introduction to the Fumanya meeting. . Oryctos 8:1-2

Vila B, Oms O, Marmi J, Galobart A (2008) Tracking Fumanya Footprints (Maastrichtian, Pyrenees): historical and ichnological overview. Oryctos 8:115-130.

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