Science Citation Index (SCI) 2005

1260 times

Galbany, J., Moya‐Solà, S. & Perez‐Perez, A. (2005). Dental microwear variability on buccal tooth enamel surfaces of extant Catarrhini and fossil Miocene Hominoidea Dryopitheus laietanus. Folia Primatologica 76: 325-341.

Moyà-Solà, S., Köhler, M., Alba, D.M., Casanovas-Vilar, I. & Galindo, J. (2005) Response to comment on "Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, a new Middle Miocene great ape from Spain". Science  308: 203d.

Moyà-Solà, S., Köhler, M. & Rook, L. (2005). The Oreopithecus' thumb: a strange case in hominoid evolution. Journal of Human Evolution 49: 395 - 404.

Vila, B., Oms, O. & Galobart, À. (2005) Manus-only titanosaurid trackway from Fumanya (Maastrichtian, Pyrenees): further evidence for an underprint origin. Lethaia 38: 211-218.

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